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Most improvements in CyberLink YouCam 4, the newest version of the software to make webcam effects, are oriented to interact with the user's movements

Besides, CyberLink YouCam 4 now supports recording webcam with fun effects and upload videos directly to YouTube.

Interactive Effects avatar
If you've seen the famous 3D movie Avatar, you certainly will feel extremely excited when exploring the effect of avatar interaction CyberLink YouCam 4.
The program provides many avatars available for you to choose form. You hit the "magic hat", click the icon to "star" below and select an avatar from a list form. A special feature is the avatar has the ability to interact on your every move, such as when you wink wink, the avatar will follow, or if you raised an eyebrow raised an eyebrow, the avatar will follow, ... Up to present time, CyberLink YouCam 4 is the first software to do this well.

More specifically, in addition to the avatar templates available, the program also lets you create your own avatar interaction. On the main interface of the program, click the icon "star plus" is the right yellow. At YouCam Avatar Creator window, you select the parts turn on the avatar's face: eyes, nose, mouth, hair, eyebrows, lips, ... Also, you can "make nice" with extra avatar accessories such as hats, bows, earrings, scenery, ... If you do not want to take the seat select each item, click Randomize to program automatically creates random avatars. If you feel that beautiful avatar, you used to "own". Finished, click Save to save

Interactive particle effects
Besides avatar interaction effects, CyberLink YouCam 4 also focused improvements particle interaction effects. To apply the particle effects (rain, falling leaves, snow, bubbles, ...), you hit the "magic hat", click the icon to "wand", then select the effect to be applied from the list. In particular, the particles are highly interactive, such as applying effects falling yellow leaves, the leaves will be deposited on your hair and clothes look very real.

Interactive Effects items
You can be easily integrated into individual image objects such as dolls, picture frames, wine bottle label, custom room ... Then move objects on the screen with ... your hands. Quite simply, you click the "building blocks" yellow on the main interface of the program, select an item from the list below to browse to the image file inserted objects from the dialog box that appears, and then press OK. Even when things appear on the screen, you just use your hands to hold simulate and manipulate objects move to another location.

Recording with webcam effects and upload to YouTube
After applying the effect, press the Record button (red dot icon) below the webcam frame display, the program will automatically record the show before webcam images. Then you press Stop (blue square icon) to stop recording.

Want to review, click the "footage" underneath the main interface, just double click on the video recording, and press Play to watch.

To download just recording video directly to YouTube, click the "footage", select the video to download from the list, then click the YouTube icon, declare your YouTube account, click Next, type a name in video Framework Title, Description Framework introduced in video, set in frames Tags search keyword, select category in the box Video category, select in the form of shared Broadcast. Done, click Next to begin uploading videos.

Software Name: CyberLink YouCam 4
Features: webcam effects software
File size: 155 MB
Serial Number / Activation Key: YF584869813MN382